Advertiser One Sheet
With the TapSense solution for brands and agencies, run rich media and video campaigns across the largest selection of full screen interstitials.
Demand Partner One Sheet
RTB partners can tap directly into inventory from around the world. Run native ads, rich media, and video across high quality publishers.
Mobile Ad Specification and Guidelines
TapSense provides support for a variety of formats including video, native and HTMl5 rich media. This document contains specifications including pixel size by device, creative format type and more.
Guide to Smartphone Mobile Ad Formats
This guide provides an in-depth analysis of available ad formats for mobile publishers and advertisers.
A Glosssary of Mobile Advertising Terms
Learn the latest terminology, acronyms, and jargon to stay current in the fast-moving world of digital advertising technology.
A Guide to the Wearable App Ecosystem
This guide provides technology-savvy businesses with an overview of the major wearables platforms and how to best take advantage of them.
A Complete Guide to Mobile Advertising 2015
A guide to the latest trends in mobile advertising—and how they’ll shape 2015—from industry thought leaders and ad professionals.
1st Edition:
A Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing 2014
Download the compendium of the newest, brightest, and most actionable ideas affecting the mobile ad space by TapSense thought leaders.
2nd Edition:
A Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing 2014
Edition 2 of our 50 page guide is packed with research, insights, ideas and contains a glossary of mobile advertising terms.
3rd Edition:
A Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing 2014
This edition features actionable ideas for both publishers and marketers. It’s another 80 pages of essential reading for anyone in mobile marketing.