A Complete Guide To Mobile Marketing for 2014: Third Edition

TapSense-Ebook We’re back with the all new third edition of our eBook. Filled with insights, ideas and inspiration

for both publishers and advertisers, guaranteed to get you and your team excited about mobile marketing. It’s another 80 pages of essential reading for anyone who is serious about succeeding in mobile in 2014. Here are the highlights:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of mobile native ads and banner ads
  • A detailed guide to mobile marketing formats
  • Tips for publishers who want to attract brand advertisers
  • Inspirational success stories from other marketers

The Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing has been featured on publications such as Forbes, iMedia Connection, Internet Retailer, Giga Om and more. It’s become the definitive guide for marketers as they navigate the confusing and complex world of mobile. Click here to get your free copy.