Everything a Mobile Publisher Needs to Know About the New Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Ad Network

Yesterday, Facebook launched their third-party mobile ad network at the F8 developer conference here in San Francisco. While most of details about it are straight forward, there are a few important highlights that mobile publishers will want to know about.

It’s a Separate SDK
The Facebook Audience Network will be accessed by developers as a separate SDK. It doesn’t require integration of the Facebook Login SDK, there was a lot of speculation on this point prior to the launch. This news is great for publishers, as it simplifies the process of including Facebook ads in your app.

Supports Standard IAB Sizes and Facebook Native Ads
Facebook will offer support for standard 320×50 banners, full-screen interstitials and native ads. The native format is based on the Facebook native ad unit. This is a smart move on Facebook’s part, as it will be easy for publishers to adopt. Most already have IAB size ad slots built into their app, and are exploring how to incorporate native.

App Install Is the Only Supported Ad Format – No Video Support
There is currently no support for video or brand advertising. FAN only supports app installs for now.

Publisher Ad Filtering Is Available
There is some ability to filter advertisements by publisher app, but not by a specific placement within an app. Publishers can filter by category or by a specific app name. This should make it easy for publishers to block competitive apps by name and category, such as “games” or “casino”, for example.

Ad Targeting is Done Using Facebook Data
The ad targeting is tied back to the Facebook user ID. If the user on iOS has advertising opt-out enabled, they will not be shown an ad. Facebook uses only the IDFA of the device and does not incorporate first-party data from the publisher app.

Supports Mediation for Admob, MoPub, DFP and Burstly
Some support is available to mediate other ad networks including MoPub, Admob, DFP and Burstly. The inclusion of Burstly is interesting and is probably a legacy requirement from a few months back. Burstly, was recently acquired by Apple and will no longer offer support for their ad product. TapSense announced support for Facebook mediation today, read more here.

The Other Details Are Straightforward
Almost all the other details are standard for a mobile ad network. Interestingly, the payment terms are 21 days, which is fast turnaround. This is great for small publishers. The technical details surrounding SDK implementation are well documented and should be easy for most developers. You can read the full FAQ here.